Monday, December 20, 2010

Cabbie Loves/Cabbie Doesn't Love So Much

Cabbie is very explicit about what she loves and doesn't love. I would actually use another word for "doesn't love," but it's a very strong word, and we want to keep this upbeat.  Plus I think it will be a nice record down the road to see if her likes/dislikes have changed or evolved ☺

Anyways, here goes~
Cabbie Loves:
  •  Treats
  • Of any kind
  • Especially cut up, baked $.99/pack Aldi hot dogs (our trainer suggested them and they are much cheaper than the treats sold in pet stores)
  • Apples

  • Kongs We love these treat holders and Cabbie loves to spend time extracting her treats from them.

  • Carrots (and Celery-though she makes a mess with it)

  • Raspberries ( arguably her very favorite )
  • Bananas
  • Frosty Paws ( Ice-Cream-like safe treats for dogs )
  • Anything we hold in our hand that she might think is a treat
  • Walks
  • Her Reindeer - who now has a nub for a tail and has lost it's squeak. She loved him to death. And by loved I mean shook around like a rag doll or rabbit she may one day catch in the back yard.
  • Playing in the backyard with our neighbor's dog, Cole.  They were not instant BFFs but now Cabbie can't wait to sprint to the back fence to see if he is out in the backyard.  He is a very sweet American Bulldog who is about two months younger than Cabbie, but growing very fast.  They like to run back and forth along the fence together over and over. And over. And over.

  • Her Grandma and Grandpa who puppy-sit her when they aren't busy so she doesn't have to go in her kennel (see Doesn't Loves).
  • Cuddling
  • Just about anything that involves being with people!
  • Oh, and Peanut Butter, how could I forget Peanut Butter? She has her own jar :) She seems to prefer creamy over crunchy.
Cabbie Doesn't Love:
  • Her kennel. This is an understatement.  We hear stories of how other people's dogs love their kennel and it becomes their comforting place.  Maybe Cabbie is going to make a huge change in the future. I, however, believe she will always know there is a chance we could be leaving when she goes in there. I hope some day she isn't so anxious in her kennel, but we've had her over a month and everyday I come home and she's sopping wet from slobbering on her self all day barking and trying to get out. Poor thing.  She has already ruined a leash that was accidentally left on top of the cage, and a pad that was brand new and put in there to comfort her.  In an hour of being left alone it was torn up. *Any suggestions to help with this would be greatly appreciated*
  • When her mom or dad pet any other animal. She's a very jealous pup.
  • Baths-she won't look Bob in the eye after he bathes her. Lucky for me, she doesn't detest the blow-drying and brushing as much as the actual bath.
  • Being alone for any amount of time what-so-ever.
If anyone has any experience with pups and these situations, please feel free to enlighten me!  Enjoy the week!
♡ Amanda


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