Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Something to look forward to...

Something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to.....  that's my motto these days....

My hubby knows me quite well.  He knows how much I thrive on having something to look forward to.

I love to plan for things.

This, however, is not a good mix with the Marine Corps. <------LARGE UNDERSTATEMENT

In our short two months of marriage (and our courtship) I have learned this very quickly.  Inevitably (and thankfully), though, this deployment will end and he will come home to me (and his family and friends)! I can't even imagine what that will feel like! (YAY!)

Anyways, back to the looking forward.  Right now I have seeing him again in the near future (for a VERY short stint) to look forward to.

After this next visit he will deploy and seeing him again will be so far in the future it will be beyond sight for awhile.

So my hubby texted me today and asked if I'd like to do a vacation, when he gets home from his deployment, to Yellowstone with his brother (read best and oldest friend from the Marine Corps) and his family.  Would I like? uh...yes, yes I would!

I met him and his family this past Christmas break on our pre-wedding, honeymoonish trip to Cali. It was so great to see my husband see his brother (and yes they are, for all intents and purposes, brothers) after multiple years and just pick right up where they left off.  I met his new wife (who took me to a winery! read new sister) and their blended family (new nieces and nephew :) We spent a few days together and had such a great time! Who knew a family dinner out, making S'mores poolside, and ringing in the new year with wine in our hotel room and fun noise makers could be such a perfect night?

Here we are  on NYE!

Anyways, he must have been communicating with his buddy about this future trip. Well, that text was all it took.

I'm on the hunt for information and ideas!

I think I'm going to add to this great trip idea with an extra week or two after the Yellowstone portion.

Bob will have lots of leave time and I will have the summer off of school!

I'm thinking a drive up the Cali coast-maybe L.A. to Nappa?? Maybe a stop in Vegas? Who knows? I'm up for suggestions! I've only ever been to the Cupertino/San Fran and San Diego (Pendelton) areas in California.

Where would you go (probably out in the western US) if you had 3 weeks and nowhere to be?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Double Digit Followers!

Yay! I now have 10 followers :) I know this probably sounds quite pathetic, but oh well. I have to start somewhere and really appreciate the readers and commenters-especially as this deployment (and everything that goes with it) begins.

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Military Monday Blog Hop

I am pretty new to blogging and always looking to find new blogs to read and learn new things. I came upon the Military Monday Blog Hop ( I know it's Tuesday.... sue me)! Check it out! I hope to find new blogs and share mine with lots of new blogging friends!

Monday, April 18, 2011

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Lucky Pups

This is going to be another post about dogs-Cabbie included. If you aren't a dog person, it probably will bore you. First, I have been trying to figure out what type of toys Cabbie likes the best. At her obedience training, I have learned that I need to figure out which toys are Cabbie's favorite and make sure she only gets that when she has done something well, or right.  So far, this is what I have figured out....

Cabbie has this menagerie of toys....

All of which have been played with at one time or another. The little Christmas lion on the bottom has seen his better days, as well as the eyeless and scarfless reineer and earless purple rope monkey up near the top. However, all these relatively pricey toys run a distant second to....

Kitty's Rainbow ball 
as seen here:
and here:

I was afraid at first that she would eat it and get sick, but that hasn't happened. She loves it and takes it most places she goes :) Kitties don't mind...

Also, I found a charity that I think is doing amazing things-for animals and people. 

I first heard the story of Nubbs- the Iraqi dog that was rescued by a Marine and shipped home to live with him.  I read this story to my class each year. I struggle to keep dry eyes every time I read the story. I'm such a sap. 

Check out Nubbs and his Marine here.

I don't think Nubs's rescue had anything to do with Nowzad, but they help with dogs (and cats) in this situation.  I wanted to let those that might read my blog know about this wonderful charity.  It's called Nowzad. This wonderful organization was started by a British Royal Marine.  He befriend local dogs while he was serving in the Middle East. After seeing the way they were treated and the life they were forced to live there, he worked to get the dogs home to live with him and be his pets.  

Since he retired from the military he has created this organization with his wife to help as many dogs as possible.  These dogs are born into horrible conditions. They are often forced into fighting with other dogs as this is a common past time of locals.  Those not put in the fighting ring are left to fend for themselves and/or horribly mistreated.  
Here are some photos from their website (happy tails of rescued dogs and cats too!!). 

Aren't they just adorable!?!?

You can also find them on Facebook here. They also have videos on their website and Facebook. 

Because of this organization many of these dogs have found loving homes with Soldiers, Sailors and Marines who have befriended them during deployments.  The service men and women (from any nation, not just Great Britian-many dogs have been sent home to the US as well) contact the organization and they get the dogs to their shelter in Afghanistan. From there, they try to raise enough money, and go through all of the red tape in order to get the dog home. If you love dogs, military members, both, or neither, this is such a great organization.  I have learned there are other groups that do this same type of work, but I am familiar this one.  Anyone know of the others?

Monday, April 4, 2011

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I recently submitted a "Happy Tail" to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter where we found Cabbie. I just wanted to share what they posted for us :) You can see it here.

Feel free to look around the site! There are some great dogs available!
Happy Monday!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

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New Arrival

Don't get too excited :) Although you may still be excited when you see what has arrived! I was!

Still not sure what it is?
Isn't it pretty?

I love it!

Don'y worry. I have no idea what it actually is like to use this iPad 2. You see being the sweet wife I am, I got this iPad for my dear husband. I thought when it came I'd be able to check it out and play around with the apps that come on it. 
It has to be synced with an iTunes account before it even turns on. 
Which would be fine because I have quite an extensive one. 
However, it is Bob's iPad (it's engraved, so there's no going back on this one). It has to be synced with HIS iTunes account.  
So, we have an iPad that has to wait to be used until I can get it to him.  Hopefully that is in about a month, but I've learned everything is subject to change-and usually does.

Don't feel too bad. In the meantime I'll look at it from afar while I use my iPhone and Macbook to make up for it :) 

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